Testimoniale absolvenți Orange Educational Program

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Orange Educational Program meant for me the baptism into the telecom world. It was a great opportunity to meet professionals from the industry and learn from their expertise. Until being part of this program I had no idea what a mobile operator is really doing. The most important thing I’ve learned is how much a mobile operator can improve the customers’ life through technology and innovation.”

  • Vlad Sorici, Development & Innovation Trainee, 2012 promotion

Orange Educational Program was of great help for me, not only for the technical information we were offered, but also for the opportunity of knowing people specialized in different areas of telecom business. I could truly say that the things I’ve learned there have helped me to understand much better the theoretical principles learned during college years.”

  • Alexandra Lazar, MES Tool Administrator, 2012 promotion

It was a chance that appears once in a lifetime, my professional life begun with Orange Educational Program. It wasn’t just another extra-curricular course, it represented the opportunity to get in contact with engineers that already have experience in the career that I have chosen. I had access to information, trainings that improved my technical knowledges, which I apply every day as an engineer in Orange Romania.

  • Ioana Cucos, UTRAN Acceptance Engineer, 2011 promotion

When I decided to apply for Orange Educational Program I didn’t know exactly what it means to be an engineer. I had a lot of theoretical knowledge, but I couldn’t “connect the dots”. During the program I discovered an amazing world, where technology meets passion and innovation. Finally I knew what I wanted to do.

  • Alexandra Florea, IP Network Engineer, 2008 promotion

It is well known that, in order to achieve your goals and finish your most important projects in life, the start is very important. Orange Education Program meant for me these very important steps for the beginning of my professional experience. It all started 5 years ago, when I was a student at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and found out about the project, about the possibility to gather technical knowledge from the specialists of Orange Romania. I knew without any doubts that this was a great opportunity that I shouldn’t miss. I could say now, looking back at that time and thinking about the project itself that the decision to participate was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It’s useless to say that I would recommend to everyone to participate at the program.

  • Marius Glod, VAS Expert, promotion 2007

Orange Educational Program represented a key milestone in my professional development, marking the transition from a pure theoretical base (acquired in the faculty) to a practical foundation for the startup of my career in telecom. By combining crucial knowledge regarding telecommunications networks with typical use cases applied in real networks, the trainings managed to reshape a young student into a junior telecom engineer and smoothen my integration within the Orange family. Orange Educational Program is not only about passing the information, it’s about the people, trainers and students, a specific set of mind and values transfer. It’s about coaching, acquiring new skills and at the end of the day, laying out the first bricks to an exciting career and long term partnership.

  • Adrian Matei, Transversal Project Manager, 2007 promotion

It all began in 2007. Sometimes, you are overwhelmed when a new thing comes and you don’t realize the magnitude of the occurrence. But when you get away from it, you ask yourself: “Did it really happen to me?”. This is the way I see the impact of Orange Educational Program on my career. Orange Educational Program was my first reliable compass in my career as a Telecom Engineer. On top of guidance, this program was the best opportunity to meet a great team and work close to the best Romanian specialists in the telecom area. Looking back, I think that talent and chance are the starting points in a successful career. I feel grateful because I was given the chance! Now, the toughest thing about success is that you have to keep on working that talent.

  • Roxana Cirstea, Techno-Economic Analysis Manager, 2007 promotion

I graduated the Orange Educational Program managed by MobilRom (before rebranding) back in 1999 and one year later I joined the Technology team under Madalina Suceveanu’s leadership. Today I'm leading the Development & Innovation team inside TD/Engineering department and I am very proud to have under my responsibility the management of Orange Educational Program that represents one of the most important sources of skilled engineers for Orange technical teams.

  • Cristian Patachia, Development & Innovation Manager, 2000 promotion

I was one of the first participants in the Orange Educational Program, back in 1998. For me, it was a great opportunity both from learning and career opportunity perspectives. I was for the first time able to see how the theory links with practice. After this program I started my long lasting relationship with Orange and the mobile telecom domain.

  • Stefan Slavnicu, Head of Infrastructure Expansion, 1999 promotion